flexible cold porcelain - 500g

$50.00 USD

The clay I use to make flexible antennae on all my snails! You can use to make all kinds of flexible projects.

Buying this product you get 1 500g pack of flexible cold porcelain + 1 85g pack of regular cold porcelain as a gift (random color).


Why I love cold porcelain

Air dry: No oven needed!
Non toxic: Safe for all ages!
Vegan: No animal products used!
Environmentally friendly: It's biodegradable, it's not a plastic!
Less shrinkage and more durability when compared to homemade clay



United States, Canada, Brazil Free
Europe $10USD
Australia, New Zealand $15USD
Everywhere else $10USD

Buy 2 items in the DIY category* and get $20 off! Just use coupon CLAY20OFF in the checkout page.

*Excluding single 85g clay packages.


Frequently asked questions

How can I color cold porcelain?
You can use acrylic paint, fabric paint, chalk pastels or even food dyes to color cold porcelain. Any powder or water based paint will work! I prefer to use chalk pastels, because it is less messy.

Can I buy a smaller pack of flexible clay?
No, sorry! This is the only brand that makes this clay, and they only offer it in one size. If you're interested in just trying this clay, a sample of it comes as a gift with this cold porcelain, and it is also included in this craft kit.

How do I store cold porcelain?
Cold porcelain is an air dry clay, so it will dry in contact with the air. To avoid clay drying inside the packaging, keep it tightly wrapped in plastic while you're not using it. Keep it protected from direct sunlight.

What can I make with cold porcelain?
I use this clay to create tiny friends, but it also has many other uses! Cold porcelain can be used to make realistic flowers, charms, earrings or any small object you can imagine. It is not recommended to use in pieces that are going to be exposed to water frequently or submerged.

What is the clay like after it dries?
Dry cold porcelain feels smooth, and somewhat heavy. The finish is very comparable to polymer clay.

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