About me

Hi! My name is Cecilia and I am the human being behind scipty. I believe that everyone should let themselves enjoy cute and silly things!

My clay journey began in 2018. My sister and I were walking through a craft store when we stumbled upon the clay section.

"I saw some cute stuff being made with that on instagram, we should try it!" she said.

She showed me things that were a new flavor of cute to me, called kawaii. The happy little faces! The pastel colors! I feel in love instantly, and happened to have plenty of time to practice at the time.

I still remember the magic of making my first charms, with their little faces full of lint, crooked eyes and filled with the wonder of "I made this!". A few months later I opened an instagram account to share my art.

As I would later find out, the clay that we bought (cold porcelain) was not the same that people used to make the things my sister had seen online (polymer clay). In Brazil, only cold porcelain is easily available in craft stores.

I made all types of things when I was first starting: fruits with faces, objects, food... But what really captured my heart was creating characters. Tiny little friends that I could take with me anywhere I go, or keep in my craft table. Some of them are for good luck, others are for hard days when I feel like I could use someone that's crying too.

The little clay friends that I make have taught me a lot of things, about life and about myself. They showed me that there's no such thing as talent, only practice. Also that failing is a necessary part of anything, even of succeeding.

But what I am most grateful for, is that they introduced me to a passion that has lead to a lot of happiness. I hope that we can share a little bit of that with you!


Big Cartel